Storage Solutions from Bruynzeel – Now at CFNYgroup

What the workplace will look like in 2021 is anyone’s guess. Even with COVID-19 roaring back to life in many areas of the Northeast, businesses will still need high density storage and filing system shelving to store documents, supplies, and personal items, even if it’s months before employees actually return to the office.

Many businesses were already in the process of adapting to new workplace demands and modes of operation even before the COVID-19 health crisis forced the first wave of business closures in March and April of 2020. Forward-thinking businesses had started to implement clean-desk policies and other workplace measures to keep their offices free of clutter and unnecessary personal items.

filing system shelving

The trends have forced businesses to rethink the traditional office space and create high density storage and filing system shelving in strategic areas of the office where employees have easy access to personal items that can no longer be kept at workstations but are out-of-sight to clients and visitors.

As more offices and businesses respond to these emerging trends, CFNYgroup is available to help. CFNYgroup has a three-decade history of designing and installing customized storage solutions to meet the demands of the ever-changing workplace. That includes high density storage and filing system shelving for medical offices, laboratories, research centers, and businesses of all types and sizes.

CFNYgroup can offer a range of innovative turnkey solutions for your workplace, and recently partnered with Bruynzeel Storage Systems to be able to offer even more industry-leading high density mobile storage systems.

With COVID-19 continuing to affect the country, the healthcare industry will need resources for remote testing centers, mobile laboratories, and other supply locations if a vaccine soon becomes available to combat COVID-19. All these locations will require storage systems for medical supplies, the preservation of medicines, and personal protective equipment for the medical professions who are working there.

CFNYgroup and Bruynzeel Storage Systems can supply a variety of customized healthcare storage units that are ideal for any type of medical lab, testing center or document filing rooms.

One of Bruynzeel’s leading sellers is its Compactus® Original XT or the Compactus® Original XTR that are hand-operated but can optimize existing floor space. The movable aisles will double the storage capacity of small rooms and offices and allow easy access to materials, supplies and personal items.

Bruynzeel’s Compactus® Dynamic II XT or the Compactus® Dynamic II XTR are high density storage systems that are electronically driven and equipped with RFID or NFC readers that permit access to authorized users. These storage systems provide upgraded safety and security.

For conventional business offices, either the Compactus® Original or the Compactus® Dynamic can transform the storage options in an office. Both systems can be designed for multifunctional uses, including individual locker spaces for employees.

Let CFNYgroup and Bruynzeel Storage Systems work with your design team to create a new office space for your employees. Call CFNYgroup today at 212.352.0030 to schedule a consultationuse our contact us page for more information. We look forward to working with you!