The health care industry requires storage systems for everything from the archiving of patient records and X-rays to the preservation
of medicines.

Each health care organisation has different requirements, dependent on capacity, accessibility and layout. Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers customised health care storage systems that are ideal for pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies

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A library is a dynamic environment that offers space to relax, meet colleagues and study. Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers a versatile range of library storage products for outfitting public and academic libraries as well as off-site storage facilities.

Library storage is an important element in library design. Bruynzeel’s library shelving is available in various sizes and a range of finishes. The system is modular, expandable and can you can choose from a wide range of accessories.

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The office is changing. Although we are still a long way away from the paperless office, increasing digitalisation has meant paper use in our offices is decreasing.

Workplaces are becoming flexible and many are introducing clean desk policies. As a result, office storage requirements in a modern workplaces are changing, too. To respond to changing time, Bruynzeel has created the office hub, a fully customisable meeting place and storage area that serves the needs of a flexible modern office worker.

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The storage of museum collections requires special attention as many have a high historical, emotional and financial value. What ever your storage needs are from fine art, museum racking, textile, archive to artefacts. Our museum storage solutions are designed for easy access and the safe preservation of precious collections.

Bruynzeel Storage Systems has many years of international experience in providing storage systems for the world’s leading museums, supplying museum shelving, art storage and picture racking that is perfectly tailored to the needs of modern museums and collections.

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A warehouse or off-site storage area is a practical business facility that requires a simple and efficient storage solution. Whether it’s an art store, library repository, hospital or factory store, Bruynzeel’s mobile shelving can double the capacity of your warehouse storage. This optimises space use and can help reduce real estate costs. Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers a wide range of fixed and mobile racks that are custom-made for maximum efficiency.

You business will place different demands on the size, finish, layout and size of any storage system required for an off-site or warehouse store. Bruynzeel Storage Systems provides cost saving and efficiency benefits for a range of industries by offering innovative products and solutions for warehouse storage.

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Bruynzeel Storage Systems has a long history of supplying archive storage shelving and archival storage cabinets to a wide range of projects in the UK, from The National Archives and National Library of Wales to Dudley Archives and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation.

We offer a no-obligation advice service for organizations planning a new or refurbished archive storage, regardless of size.

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Here are some of Bruynzeel’s most innovative products:


Significantly increase storage capability with Bruynzeel’s Double Decker mobile storage systems.

If your building or storage area has high ceilings, using Bruynzeel’s Compactus Double Decker system can add four times the storage capacity of static storage. A touch-sensitive electronic control panel makes operation safe, simple and user-friendly.



Historical collections require special storage considerations. This can include additional space for large, bulky items, climate controls to maintain temperature and humidity levels, and ventilation controls to protect items from mold, dust and other airborne particles.

Bruynzeel has years of international expertise in museum storage that includes specialized shelving for artifacts and textiles, display cabinets and drawers for items that need protection from light and moisture, and mobile racking for artwork and paintings.



Bruynzeel’s Compactus® Original XT and Compactus® Original XTR are space-saving storage options that are hand operated and will optimize existing floor space.

With only one movable aisle, storage capacity in small rooms or offices can double. Employees are able to access materials or personal items by using the hands crank on the front of each aisle.



Upgrade safety and security with Bruynzeel’s electronically-driven Compactus® Dynamic II XT or the Compactus® Dynamic II XTR.

These storage systems are equipped with RFID or NFC readers that permit access to authorized users. Alarms protect aisles from being “forced” open. Scanning technology keeps aisles from being opened or closed if people or items are in the way.



Reconfiguring an office to provide more personal space for employees while maximizing storage can be accomplished with help from Bruynzeel.

Multifunctional storage that accommodates room for personal items and office storage in a contemporary design is one way to merge the two needs together.