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With over 35 years experience in the industry, CFNYgroup remains a market leader in addressing the needs of the ever-changing workplace. As the way we work has evolved, so have the requirements of the workplace environment. Smaller footprints, greater flexibility, and sustainability are the operative trends.

Under the leadership of founder and workplace visionary, Brian Dunn, CFNYgroup is prepared to respond to these evolving needs by offering a range of innovative turnkey solutions, and design and project management services that bring workplace solution to life. Our new showroom is coming soon.

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Featured Product

Bruynzeel Storage Systems

CFNY in collaboration with Bruynzeel Storage Systems
Storage Solutions that organise your space in the most suitable way.

Touchless Technology

No contact to contaminated surfaces means less risk to be infected. Touchless
technology ensure lockers are safe to use.

  • Extend your existing access system: re-use of employee cards
  • Smartphone ready: use your personal, safe mobile
  • Hands free operation: spring opening and push-to-lock function
  • No queuing at central terminal: one-on-one use directly at personal locker

Featured Project

Center For Fiction featured in Interior Design Magazine

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