Tips for Office Storage and Organization in 2021

The past few months have been flooded with uncertainty regarding the future. Everyday life has been practically transformed overnight, especially when it comes to the workplace. While a fraction of employees have been working from home, a large majority have still been going into the office. Regardless, it’s important to make your workspace as seamless and stress free as possible and it starts with office storage and organization from CFNYgroup.

Most often, your workspace isn’t going to be very big. That’s why it’s important to maximize your space as much as possible to promote efficiency and productivity. CFNYgroup offers a variety of storage and wire shelving as well as custom options to fit whatever needs that you have.

Keeping everything minimal is key. This includes not keeping piles of unfinished work, handfuls of pens or markers, and other random items on your desk. In order to maximize your time, it’s best to keep your workspace clean and for essential work necessities only.

Additionally, drawers and totes are a great option to keep clutter off of your work space. It’s helpful to keep piles of papers and useless objects out of your way by storing them away. Also, keep the knick knacks and desk filler items at home.

Your future self will thank you for dedicating the space to work only. Once it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind and you’ll be able to focus on all the work you would otherwise be putting off.

A great supplement to your drawers could be drawer organizers. These organizers not only fit perfectly into the small space but also make your life easier. You can separate everyday items like paper clips and thumbtacks or keep track of larger, more important documents.

As previously mentioned, shelving is also a great option for both organization and storage. Your shelves can not only be functional but also decorative as well. You can store books, containers, or even display your favorite items on our custom shelving.

A helpful tip would be to label the outside of all of your bins so that you don’t need to constantly open them to remember what’s inside. Labels are the key when it comes to keeping your life organized. They’re the perfect add-on to any CFNYgroup office storage and organization.

You could also color code the boxes that go together to make the process faster. Color coding is an easy but critical way to organize your work life, especially if you don’t have a label maker.

Another great tip is to remember to use your wall space to your advantage. Whether that is installing custom lockers or hanging up a dry erase white board to keep track of upcoming projects. Walls are easily forgotten when it comes to streamlining your space but they can make all the difference whether you’re using them for efficiency or storage.

Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to rework your work space and make it into the ideal place to be productive this year. For all your office storage and organization needs and questions, you can contact the CFNYgroup at 212-352-0030 Ext. 101 or by email at [email protected].