A hardware lab deep within Facebook’s campus in Silicon Valley is outfitted with work stations that were designed and manufactured in Zeeland.

Symbiote supplied about 80 ErgoStat heavy duty, height-adjustable tables for the high tech lab that aims to speed up innovation.

“We’re pretty happy to blow our own horn, and say, ‘Yeah that’s us,’ said Bob Kubasiak, sales and marketing director for Symbiote.

Symbiote learned about what its work stations were being used for at the same time the rest of world did —when news outlets published articles.

“It’s hard to describe our markets,” Kubasiak said. When you use the word lab, or R&D or laboratory, everybody has a different mindset of what that means to them. You say laboratory, people think chemistry and medical or something. You say R&D, they think, ok, engineers are doing something. If you say it’s a lab, no one really knows what that means, they just go in there and do work. We work with hospitals, we work with university teaching medical facilities, we work with automotive, we work with high tech.”

Symbiote’s markets include high tech, life sciences and aerospace and defense, he said.