NET.Lock - Safe Workplace Lockers


No contact to contaminated surfaces. Use your locker with your existing employee access card or mobile app.


Provide easy to sanitize and safe personal storage to support clean desk policies and disinfection protocols.


Manage physical distancing guidelines for effective and safe employee collaboration.

Touchless Technology

No contact to contaminated surfaces means less risk to be infected. Touchless technology ensure lockers are safe to use.

  • Extend your existing access system: re-use of employee cards
  • Smartphone ready: use your personal, safe mobile
  • Hands free operation: spring opening and push-to-lock function
  • No queuing at central terminal: one-on-one use directly at personal locker

“80 % of people behave differently today when interacting with public technology that they have to - touch.”

Safe Locker Management

Physical distancing is key for prevention. This requires new workplace planning and changes the way we will collaborate. Actively managed lockers support this need for an effective and safe working environment.

  • Encourage distancing of employees by simply deactivating certain lockers
  • Easy assignment of lockers according to individual working schedules
  • Control all locker functions remotely from a central location
  • Manage demand by the pre-booking of day lockers
  • Incase of quarantine: locker utilization reports allows for contact tracing